Jerry Reagan / The Faith to Believe

Early in our history, the Holy Spirit gave Pastor Jerry the
faith to believe that Lifeline Church
is becoming the church described below.

I see a Church…

  • full of people of varied races and ethnicities; socio-economic status, and ages who gather in unity to worship God.
  • where the leadership from pastor on down is transparent, genuine and honest and without pretense of spirituality.
  • where worship is a way of life that is lived 24/7.
  • where prayer is as natural as breathing.
  • where praise is extravagant.
  • where men are unashamedly spiritual and unreservedly devoted to service.
  • that operates in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • where the people are proactive in their compassion, concern and care for one another.
  • where people in Denton, when they are awakened to their spiritual emptiness, turn to us to find God.
  • where people know they are safe in the love of God.
  • where young people know God is real and He is the coolest, hippest, crunkest (or whatever the latest jargon or slang is) person around.
  • that sends workers into the great spiritual harvest to establish lifelines to Jesus Christ wherever they go.

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