The Holy Spirit clearly revealed four strategies that Lifeline Church must pursue and implement to advance the Kingdom of God in our city and beyond. These strategies are not to be segmented into individual silos; they are interconnecting and interdependent. Everything we do will seek to advance these strategies.

Strategy #1:  Fervent Prayer

Prayer is the undergirding and overshadowing of all the other strategies. Prayer invites and initiates the hand of God to move upon the earth. “Fervent” describes the intensity. It’s moving beyond routine prayers. Prayer becomes fervent when God’s people understand, accept and embrace the reality and possibilities (Nothing is impossible with God!) of the awesome power and rule of God being brought to bear in their lives and experiences, as well as those areas for which the Lord has burdened or impressed them to pray.

Strategy #2:  Consistent Evangelism of the Lost

Consistent = way of life, and Evangelism = bringing Good News. Sharing the Gospel and reaching the lost should be our lifestyle, not an occasional occurrence.

Strategy #3:  Diligent Discipleship to Spiritual Maturity

God’ expectation of every believer is that we become a mature follower of Christ. Remaining a spiritual baby or child is not an option. The responsibility for spiritual maturity rests with both the teacher and the student. The teacher has the responsibility to present the truth with clarity and diligence. The student has the responsibility to pay attention and apply diligently what he has been taught. It’s a choice that we make. Will we invest the effort into growing up in God? Or will we be lazy or indifferent about our spiritual growth? Disciples are people who exercise discipline to learn what the master is teaching them. The aim is to be able to “go and make disciples.”

Strategy #4:  Compassionate Care of our Communities

This strategy encompasses both the Lifeline Church community and also the broader community in which God has placed us. We aren’t saved by our good works but are saved to do good works.

We will evangelize and meet physical and soul needs of people. Freely we have received, freely we must give. This is about taking care of others in a selfless way…loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Looking at the life and ministry of Jesus, we see these four strategies moving together in beautiful harmony. Jesus stayed in fellowship and communion with Father God through regular and frequent prayer, and it was out of that relationship that He declared the Good News that He had come to seek and to save the lost, taught His followers the way of the Kingdom, and addressed the spiritual, soul and physical needs of people. He didn’t put these strategies in silos and focus on one or two of them. It wasn’t “either/or” but “all of the above” for the Lord. So it will be with Lifeline Church!

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