God is moving among the young people of this generation. You wouldn’t know it by the news or by the music or movies that are popular at this time. However, I promise God is radically transforming lives. I want to share some amazing things my wife Ryan and I are seeing just in our circle of influence.

Around 8 months ago I was at a worship night at the UNT campus. As I sat and prayed before the worship service started I heard a conversation behind me between a leader and a young college student. The leader asked the young man where he was from and the student told him Amarillo. My wife and I had just moved from that area a month before to be a part of Lifeline Church. My immediate thought was, “I have to meet this kid.” The worship service started before I could get to him so I planned to connect with him afterward. During the worship service I got up to pray for revival on the UNT campus and the city of Denton. After the service was over I didn’t see the young man anywhere! I was a bit bummed and then I felt a hand touch me on the shoulder. It was that young man. He introduced himself as Nick and what he told me next blew me away. He said, “I want revival at UNT but I don’t know anyone and I can’t do it alone.”

As a result of that conversation, Nick and I began to meet regularly and I became his mentor helping him oversee a Christian student organization called REVIVAL!  We see God moving and young men and woman being bold for Jesus. They hunger for revival and they are asking for mothers and fathers to believe in them. I believe if we link arms with them we will see a move of God like never before! 

During one of their meetings ten out of 18 young people accepted Christ as their Savior! Over the course of the school year we saw many who were wounded by past experiences renewed by the the power of Jesus Christ.

Young people are very bold and the world is calling them to be bold about non-biblical issues. They will stand, fight, lay down their lives for what they believe in. The church needs them to see who God is and know their identity in Him because we need their bravery to spread the word about Jesus! Let’s not cast them out because they break the mold of religious acts and ways of speaking.

A former student of mine is in his early 20’s now and currently in China teaching kids about Jesus. He is literally risking his life and freedom to do so. The cool thing is he’s not alone. Young people are moving around the world to not just sit in church but to be the church. This young generation refuses to sit on their hands and complain about what needs to change. Through the power of Holy Spirit they are being the change.

Let’s pray for them, believe in them, support them and above all love them. They need us and we need them.