8.25. This is a significant number for Denton. No, it’s not because that is our current sales tax rate. It’s significant because 8.25” is the amount of rainfall that Denton received in August. According to www.dentonrainfall.com, the average rainfall for our city in August is 2.14”. We received nearly four times the average this month, and one must go back over 100 years to 1915 to find a greater outpouring.

The Lord has been speaking to us about early Autumn rains and we have now seen it happen in the natural. Earlier in the summer, the Holy Spirit gave us this promise from Joel 2 to confirm a key decision we were about to make concerning the destiny of Lifeline:

People of Zion, shout with joy and happiness in the Eternal, your God; The drought is over; He has sent the early autumn rain as a sign of His faithfulness. He has poured down heavy rain, autumn and spring, as before. The threshing floors will be covered in grain; the vats will spill over with new wine and fresh oil. Eternal One: I will compensate you for the years that the locusts have eaten—the swarming locusts, the creeping locusts, the stripping locusts, and the cutting locusts—My great army that I unleashed against you. In that day, you will eat plenty of food and always have enough, so you will praise My name, The Eternal One, your God who is merciful to you. Never again will My people be shamed among the nations. (Joel 2:23-26 The Voice Translation)

I know in my spirit that the Holy Spirit is up to something, and it’s bigger than us and of greater measure than we have heretofore experienced. There is a rain of the Holy Spirit about to pour out on Denton and I believe we are seeing the first drops come down.

Hawaii also saw a lot of rain in August compliments of Hurricane Lane. I read news reports about the surfing community’s excitement and anticipation for the possibilitiesthat some of them might get to ride the wave of a lifetime. One fellow said he couldn’t even sleep the night before and was at the beach at first light watching for a great wave. People were setting normal things aside to put in extra time surfing. They were in the water watching the formations on the horizon, ready to paddle toward the wave!!

There is a wave of the Holy Spirit forming, and we want to catch it in Denton. We don’t want to miss the Spirit’s movements and to not miss Him we must start looking for Him. It will require a re-ordering of some of our routines to position ourselves in the best possible way/moment to Catch the Wave! Like the surfers who dropped what they were doing to get in the water and start watching, we will need to change some things in our routines and be ready for a sovereign move of God. I believe it is time to start “paddling toward the wave!”

In September, we are asking Lifeliners to devote a day each week to prayer and fasting for God to pour out His Spirit on us and Denton. On September 9, we are having a time of Worship and Prayer starting at 6:00 pm. Pastors and believers from other churches will be joining us. We will focus on entering the presence of God and listening to Him. Prayer groups meet at the church at noon on Wednesdays, 7:00 am on Thursdays, and 9:30 am on Sundays. We’re talking about “paddling toward the wave” of the Holy Spirit. These are ways we can tell God, “We believe it, we see it, and here we come toward You to catch it!