Because Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, was buried, and rose again, we have the provisions of salvation, healing, deliverance, and the confidence that He is coming again. The Scriptures were inspired by God, through the Holy Spirit, and are without error.  The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and serves as our infallible guide for life.

  • There is one God revealing Himself as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, referred to as the Trinity.
  • The virgin birth, sinless life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ confirm His deity.
  • The only means of salvation is through Jesus Christ and His shed blood.
  • Water baptism by immersion and holy communion are acts of obedience for the believer.
  • The baptism in the Holy Spirit is available to believers.
  • The power of the Holy Spirit enables the believer to live a holy life.
  • The Church’s responsibility is evangelism, worship, and discipleship.

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