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God is moving among the young people of this generation. You wouldn’t know it by the news or by the music or movies that are popular at this time. However, I promise God is radically transforming lives. I want to share some amazing things my wife Ryan and I are seeing just in our circle […]

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Your Kingdom Come

Is there anything more important than being in community with God? I’m going to go with “NO.” Community with God should be our top priority. This past month Pastor Jerry really challenged us as a church to be constant in communing with God through prayer. He very thoughtfully walked us through the Lord’s prayer and […]

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Catching the wave

8.25. This is a significant number for Denton. No, it’s not because that is our current sales tax rate. It’s significant because 8.25” is the amount of rainfall that Denton received in August. According to, the average rainfall for our city in August is 2.14”. We received nearly four times the average this month, […]